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Please come and have a look around our new website.

We are a group for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and BSL parents in Bristol and surrounding areas.

We are here for support, sharing tips to overcome deaf barriers in parenting deaf or hearing children, for example baby alarms, CODAs (Children Of Deaf Adults), and making parenting topics and workshops deaf accessible by providing a BSL translation or written text.

We welcome people who are learning to sign, or want to meet deaf adults for role models for their deaf children. Please be aware that some meets will not have a BSL interpreter, those include the Little Fingers meets (the informal sessions with no workshop).  So we ask you to respect all the parents there and try to sign at all times. The event tab will say if there is a BSL interpreter booked for that event.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon!

Use the tabs above for more information.

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